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The Quest for the Best Azaleas


Carolina Native Nursery specializes in seed grown species azaleas that are indigenous to the eastern United States. There are many that are also natural hybrids on these plants as they cross readily in the wild. Some of these plants are truly wonderful plants that we would like to offer too.

There are many types of deciduous azaleas out on the market. Exbury, Knaphill, Ghent, and many more.  We try to sort through all of this information as we get recommendations on plants to grow.

Here are a few articles we have found to help us with our search:

Chillin’ Up North with the Florida Azalea, Rhododendron Austrinum  Research by Steve Krebs at The Holden Arboretum exploring the cold hardiness of Rhododendron Austrinum. This the the type of research we will be utilizing as we expand our list.

Vineland History & Vineland Introductions  An article that was recommended by our friend Earl Sommerville, a great and extremely helpful azalea man. He is helping us research plants to get into production that match some of the criteria we are developing. These plants are certainly cold hardy, but their Exbury heritage is not what we are looking for.

Kelly Strickland Azaleas The Kelly Strickland azalea collection is the result of a lifetime of searching out the very best forms of native azaleas and expanding their use for future gardeners.

Earl Sommerville Azaleas  Earl Sommerville has collected 1000’s of azaleas over the years and has picked the best. More Sommerville information

Northern High Lights Azaleas  Carolina Native Nursery has a few these wonderful plants available in 3 gallon and 1 gallon. University of Minnesota: The Source

The Confederate Series from the source   The Confederate Series of Native Azaleas were selected from a cross of Rhododendron austrinum and Rhododendron x ‘Hotspur Yellow’. This cross was made by Bob Schwindt at Dodd & Dodd Nurseries in Semmes AL, the seed were planted by Tom Dodd Sr. and Tom III made the evaluations and named them per Mr. Schwindt’s request.

Exbury Azaleas – From History to Your Garden  This article is an excellent int late summer of 2018roduction to where many of the azaleas on the market come from.  The mystery of the progeny in these plants will keep them out of our nursery.

How to Prune Native Azalea: Azalea Society of America member Charlie Andrews talks about how to proper prune native azaleas. Learn from a recognized expert! This was republished with permission of the author and the society of which we are a member.