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Native Rhododendron at Carolina Native Nursery

The Year-Round Workhorses of the Native Garden

Carolina Native Nursery is known for growing thousands of native rhododendrons from seed on our large property in beautiful Burnsville, North Carolina.

We think native rhododendrons should be in everyone’s garden. As far as we are concerned, these plants are truly the workhorses of an indigenous landscape. Instead of transporting them from roadsides or forest environments, as folks have been doing as long as there are shovels, please leave native plants where they grow. If you are a native rhododendron enthusiast we have the plants for you.

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Our vision is to be the go to resource for native rhododendrons in the Southeast. We look forward to raising awareness, providing you with beautiful plants, and helping get these plants into gardens, landscapes, and back in nature everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are native rhododendrons evergreen?
Yes, native rhododendrons are often evergreen, retaining their lush, glossy leaves throughout the year. This characteristic makes them a fantastic choice for adding continuous greenery and structure to your garden, even in the chillier seasons!
Do I need to plant my native rhododendrons in the sun or shade?
Native rhododendrons typically prefer a spot that offers some shade or at least protection from the intense afternoon sun. They thrive under the dappled light of taller trees, mimicking their natural woodland habitat. This setup keeps them happy and helps avoid the stress that direct, strong sunlight can cause, especially to their delicate blooms. So, a cozy nook with morning light or filtered sun through the day would be ideal for your rhododendron pals!
Should I fertilize and prune my rhododendrons every year?
Rhododendrons are pretty low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of fussing over. They do appreciate a little fertilizer, but it’s key to use one that’s specifically formulated for acid-loving plants, and you only need to do this once a year in early spring. As for pruning, it’s not an annual must-do; just a little tidy up after they bloom to remove dead flowers and any dead or diseased branches. This keeps them looking their best and encourages healthy growth, without the need for a yearly trim.
What does seed grown mean?
We collect seed from natural stands of plants in the wild. Since they are all seed grown, there are a lot of genetic differences. This means there is variety in bloom color and shape, plant height and density, and other characteristics. Carolina Native grows more native azaleas from seed than any other nursery in the U.S.

Are You a Nursery Looking for Rhododendron Resources?

If you own a nursery that is looking for native rhododendrons, give us a call or send us an email. For wholesale clients, we ship plants everywhere; from Atlanta to Maine, out to Lake Tahoe, even a box full to Shanghai for trials. Let us know what and where your needs are and we will try to help.