Speakers for Your Professional Event


Speakers for Your Professional Event

Part of the Carolina Native Nursery mission is to spread the word about the wonder, beauty, and ecological advantages of native plants. Garden Clubs love coming for a tour (professionals do too!). We find that horticulture professionals welcome the excitement and information the Carolina Native staff brings to the stage. Our years of experience in growing, understanding, and speaking about natives is unparalleled in our industry. We have been welcomed by garden clubs, cooperative extension offices, state organizations, botanical gardens, and other professional groups throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

Garden Clubs: Come for a Nursery Tour

Our staff is happy to offer your garden club, bee keeper club, and other groups interested in learning more about native plant a tour of our nursery. We have offered tour for years and we truly enjoy it. We think you will too. We offer tours for groups of 10 or more. Come see how we grow native azaleas from seed to a finished plant. See over 200 species of natives shrubs, perennials, ferns, and grasses in production. Ask all the questions you want. Plus we have everything for sale in our Bee Native Plant Shop.


Seminars and Talks for Professional Organizations and Associations

Talks and discussions offered: Please understand that these talks have been developed and crafted over the years to tell a story. We do not combine or craft out talks in an A la carte manner.

The Advantages of Native Plants in your Garden

We having made this presentation many times over the years. Usually this is a discussion rather than a slide show, engaging our audience, and answering questions, we leave our audience with a complete understanding relevance and importance of native plants in our landscape and gardens. This presentation can be modified for home gardeners as well as professional groups. Presenters: Bill Jones or Shelby Jackson.

‘An Overview of Native Plants for your Garden Design’ – ‘Natives, Nativars, and Your Garden’ – ‘Planting for Pollinators’

Shelby Jackson infects her audience with her passion for all native plants. In these Powerpoint presentations she will highlight her favorites, you are sure to find a few that will become yours too. She will discuss the proper native plants for sun, shade, and other conditions. In her ‘Natives, Nativars, and Your Garden’, she talks about the difference between natives and nativars and which ones are best for your home garden. ‘Planting for Pollinators’ is a great talk about increasing pollinators in your garden by knowing what native plants are best.

‘How to Grow Native Azaleas from Seed’

No one has more experience than Carolina Native in growing native azaleas and rhododendrons from seed. Bill Jones’ vision of bringing these diamonds of the native plant world to the mainstream gardening world is gaining rapidly in popularity. He will review the process they have developed over the past 17 years. From seed harvest, seed sowing, all the techniques and effort, to finished products, Bill will review it all. Plus he will bring examples of the whole process for all to see. Presenter: Bill Jones

‘Professional Marketing and Sales Strategies to Integrate Native Plants for Garden Centers or Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture Firms’

We can help you develop marketing and sales strategies for companies looking to take advantage of the growing demand for native plants in landscapes as well as garden center clients. Aid in training your staff on how to speak plainly and with confidence about native plants, help with the language of your marketing and sales materials, with the overall goal of making more sales and separating your company from your competition. Bill Jones

Fees Schedule

For many years the staff at Carolina Native has been happy to offer our services free of charge. After 16 years, countless presentations, talks, and discussions, we have developed an outstanding offering to interested clients.

  • $350.00: Professional Associations, larger meetings
  • Engagements over 50 miles from Carolina Native Nursery will incur travel expenses that may include mileage, lodging in hotels, meals, and incidentals

Our Speakers:

Bill Jones: President, Owner and founder of Carolina Native

Bill’s Bio

Shelby Singleton: Horticulturalist, Sales Manager, and owner

Shelby’s Bio

Past events:

I.P.M. Symposium: N.C. Arboretum

Cullowhee Native Plant Conference

A.S.A.P. Organic Growers School

Master Gardener Classes throughout western N.C.

Wildflower Club of Winston -Salem

S.C. Native Plant Society

N.C.S.U. Woodland Steward Series

and many, many more