Photo Policy



Please take a moment and explore the galleries we have posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as the videos posted on the Carolina Native Nursery Channel on YouTube. You will find dozens and dozens of pictures that are truly representative of the plants that we have in the field. There are pictures of rhododendrons, hybrid and straight species, Mt laurels, many varieties of boxwoods, and others. There may not be the exact size you are looking for, but there is something similar in species or size that you can find. We would like you to bear in mind that we sometimes buy fields of plants from other growers. In western N.C. that can mean that the plants you want pictures of are an hour or so drive away and we may not be planning on being in those fields for a week or so at best. That means we usually cannot run out the door and get you a snapshot today.

Carolina Native Nursery’s policy on pictures

If you really require pictures from Carolina Native Nursery for a particular size or variety that you cannot find in our gallery and we say we can supply; here’s the deal.

  • If you agree that our prices on those particular plants are good
  • And we can supply the exact pictures you require regarding species and/or size (that are not currently available digitally on our website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel)
  • Then we have your word that you will buy the plants from us that you required pictures for