Contract Grow Programs

Carolina Native Nursery Contract Grow Programs

With a Carolina Native Nursery Contract Grow Program you select the varieties that your project requires.  Then rely on our advice, expertise, and facilities to grow the highest quality shrubs, perennials, ferns, and grasses delivered on your schedule. Growing many varieties of quality native plants requires trained staff and specialized propagation techniques. Our staff has the experience and training to handle this job. Contract growing saves time and money.  Carolina Native Nursery growers will achieve the consistent quality and numbers to ensure a smooth and stress-free planting. We will grow the exact amount of plants required at a great price. Then we can deliver when and where you want them.

  • Contract grow programs save you time and money.
  • Contract grown plants are very uniform since they start off in the same growth cycle.
  • Relying on Carolina Native Nursery eliminates the additional expense, expertise and time needed to run a greenhouse and coordinating growing dates with planting dates in the field.
  • We work with landscape contractors on larger-scale commercial and residential jobs with future plant demands. This program is also perfect for garden centers who want to be assured of specific future inventory.

Contract Grow Agreement

Although we keep an ongoing inventory, your project may require that you have material grown on a contractual basis to ensure timely delivery. At Carolina Native Nursery, we will be happy to grow material that you need for your project according to contract specifications. A contract growing agreement is generally used for projects that will be shipped in the longer term (3-24 months). Contract Grow agreements are also used for the following reasons.

  1. Quantities of material that exceed the general market demand for a particular variety.
  2. Non-standard containers or sizes.
  3. Species that do not fall within our normal production list.
  4. Material that requires a full production cycle to produce, due to seasonal growth considerations.

Contract growing offers many advantages in today’s market. By securing plant material in advance, you will save considerable time when it’s time to plant. Consequently, you will not have to struggle with the erratic availability of certain species. This allows you to secure a negotiated price on all of the plant material for your project much closer to the date that it was awarded to you. Plus, you will not have to risk the unpredictable price escalations that can occur within each year. But be careful; if the projects you work on are prone to serious delays (4-6 months), contract growing may not be the right choice for you. Contract growing ensures you will get the products you want, delivered when you need them at a great price!