Newsletter Volume 12

5th Annual Open House

Friday October 11th  



Start making your plans now, bring your friends and neighbors, and have some fun. We will have nursery tours during the day. Last year’s open house was fantastic. We have posted a schedule on our website. This year there will be some open house discounts on plants for both wholesale and retail clients. So mark your calendars now and become a fan on Facebook to receive updates or check our website.


Plants on Sale


We have a problem you can help us with. After three years, we decided that perennials are not our passion; we love shrubs and are good at it. Consequently, all perennials are now on sale.


All 1 gallon perennials: $2.50


3 gallons for $7.00


Aronia ‘Red & Black Chokeberry’, Cornus amomum ‘Silky Dogwood’, Rhus glabra ‘Smooth Sumac’, Spiraea latifolia “Meadowsweet’, Blueberries, Cephalnthus occidentalis ‘Buttonbush’, Corylus americanus ‘Hazelnut’


Big 7 gallons for $12.50


Red Twig Dogwood, Aronia ‘Red Chokeberry’, Jersey Blueberries, Chionanthus ‘Fringetree’

Quick Review Of Some Plants Available Now

Please remember that all of this and more is always on our website under the catalog button on the toolbar, or call, or even email us. All is current now.

$12.50 3 gallon Shrubs

Alnus serrulata: Tag Alder

Calycanthus floridus: Sweetshrub

Clethra alnifolia: straight & Ruby Spice

Cornus stolonifera: Red Twig Dogwood

Diervilla sessifolia: Bush Honeysuckle

Hamamelis virginiana: Witchhazel

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’

Physocarpus opulifolius: Ninebark

Rhus copallina: Shining Sumac

Rhus typhina: Staghorn Sumac

Rosa palustris: Swamp Rose

Sambucus canadensis: Elderberry

Spiraea tomentosa; Hardhack

Viburnum dentatum: Arrowwood

Native Azaleas: 24-36” Full 3 gallons:  $16.00

R. alabamense: Alabama Azalea

R. arborescens: Sweet Azalea

R. atlanticum: Coastal Azalea

R. calendulaceum: Flame Azalea

R. canescens: Piedmont  Azalea

R. cumberlandense: Cumberland

R. periclymeniodes: Pinxterbloom

R. prunifolium: Plumleaf  Azaleas

R. vaseyi: Pinkshell Azalea

R. viscosum: Swamp Azalea


B&B Shrubs: All dug to order

Plants available now from 2’ to 8’ depending on the species. Please give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your needs.


Rhododendron maximum (3 grades)

Roseum Elegans

English Roseum

Cat. Album

Nova Zembla

Max Roseum

Other Rhododendron too

Kalmia latifolia (3 grades)

Kalmia Hybrids

Native Azaleas


Please remember that we have many more species than we have listed here ready to go. We have the capabilities to deliver large and small orders all over the country (plus China).

Please refer to our website:

for all current pricing.