Pruning (Azaleas Too!)

Plant Care – Pruning

  1. The key to pruning your trees and shrubs is identifying the type of plant it is, and the appropriate time of year to prune it. We suggest calling us if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. On some shrubs, after flowering occurs the bud for next season is formed. Therefore these plants should be pruned immediately after flowering. Azaleas, dogwoods, forsythia, hydrangea, viburnum, wisteria, climbing roses and rhododendron fall into this group.
  3. Shrubs that bloom on the current year’s growth should be pruned during the dormant period in winter or early spring.
  4. Hedges: It is best to prune hedges every time the new growth reaches two or three inches. It is best to bevel the sides and make the hedge 1 ½ times wider at the bottom than at the top, tapering them from a broad base to a narrower top.
  5. It is always best to trim out any dead or diseased wood, suckers and any areas of the plant that are misshapen and tangled.