American Beauties

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Carolina Native Nursery is proud to represent the American Beauties Brand!

AMERICAN BEAUTIES NATIVE PLANTS® is a ground breaking program that offers proven solutions for garden centers, landscapers and home gardeners. Garden centers use our point-of-purchase materials to build displays that help direct their customers and educate their staff at the same time. Landscapers use our plants and fact-filled tags to enhance customer experience. Home gardeners love our branded pots because it takes the guesswork out of shopping. It’s a win, win, win! WILDLIFE THANKS YOU AND SO DO WE.

Our Foundation

American Beauties Native Plants®, LLC is a partnership between Prides Corner Farms, Lebanon, CT, and North Creek Nurseries, Landenberg, PA. We are dedicated to promoting native plants to bring life to your garden.

Our Native Plant Collections

Our native plant experts have teamed up with wildlife experts to bring you collections that are guaranteed to bring life to your garden. Bird Garden, Butterfly Garden, Dry Shade and Moist Sun.

Why Carolina Native Nursery Became Involved

We were looking for a better way to make plants appealing to our garden center customers. They were used to programs utilizing colored, decorated pots, informative tags, and presenting plants grouped accordingly. Many saw the increasing demand for natives from their clients. The IGC’s did not like plain old black pots and some generic tags. We were already growing the plants that were part of the American Beauties program. And finally, we had been doing business with the folks at Prides Corner Farms and North Creek Nurseries so we had been aware of the American Beauties program for a while.

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