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Landscape Design

Carolina Native Nursery Landscape Design Services


Plant selection is a key component in developing planting plans. Our design team focuses on selecting native plants and locally sourced materials to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our goal is for the final plan to blend into our natural environment insuring a haven for birds and wildlife, restoring habitat loss due to building and to bring the outside world to your home. Our professionals have the expertise and resources to make this happen.

Initial consultation: $129 Our designer will schedule a 1 hour appointment to meet with you and talk about what you would like to accomplish. After discussing your goals, we conduct a site analysis to note orientation, sun and shade patterns and note locations of existing trees, vegetation and features. This hour-long visit will give us enough information necessary to make a fee proposal.

Proposal: With information gathered from our consultation we will submit a fee proposal to develop plans and specifications. Once the fee proposal is accepted, we will begin the design process.

Design process: The process begins by assessing information collected from our consultation. That information is then plotted on a scaled base plan of your property. The next step is to develop a preliminary plan showing locations of new spaces, plants and other suggested features. Once the preliminary plans are complete, we will meet with clients to make sure we are on track. The last step is to finalize plans and present drawings and specifications.

Implementation: Carolina Native Nursery can manage this part too. We can manage the installation of projects and help you get estimates from NC Registered Landscape Contractors. We make sure the design is being implemented correctly, insure quality materials are selected and the finished project becomes a sustainable landscape.

Although there are many landscape companies in the region that do great work, here are some things we often see. They are not NC Registered Landscape Contractors, may not have the necessary training , experience and required insurance. Some landscapers use inferior plants, plants that do not meet specifications, freely substitute with non-native plants, plant them incorrectly and so on. We want designs installed correctly and so do you.

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