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Garden Clubs


The nursery is located in beautiful Burnsville, NC. Come visit!



We’re Happy to Host

If you’re looking for somewhere to bring your garden club, look no further! Carolina Native Nursery is a great destination for the plant enthusiast and lover of nature. We’re happy to invite you to come see us with your garden club and spend some time with us. The nursery has a lot to offer with our propagation greenhouses, a great retail section(in the works), native trees, shrubs, and perennials, amazing scenery and a great picnic area. Both Bill and Shelby are available to give nursery tours to your group and share with you their excitement for the plants they grow.  We’d love to show you how we do things here at Carolina Native Nursery and how we grow the best native plants around. Give us a call and schedule your next field trip, we’re excited to have you!