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Retail Shop: Closed For Winter!

Carolina Native Nursery’s retail area is Closed for the Winter!

Thanks for everyone who came to see us in 2019. We renamed our shop the BEE NATIVE PLANT SHOP.

If you still want some plants we are open by appointment only. Please contact us at 828-682-1471 or send an email to We will discuss your plant list, pull your order, and have it ready for pick up.

Please follow us on Facebook for spring announcements and opening date!

Remember that we grow and sell native plants, not hanging baskets, vegetable starts, or exotic non-natives. If it is not on our plant list, we do not have it. In reviewing our list first, you can save everyone time and money. And we  thank you for checking first.

IF you are looking for particular plants: Please review this list before you call or come to visit:  Retail Plant List 

You can follow our progress on our Facebook page (please like us if you happen to visit).

Carolina Native Nursery is in the process of expanding our new retail area for all its clients to enjoy. Over the last few years, more and more gardeners travel to Carolina Native for their plant needs. With the addition of this new space, and some help from some of our local nursery friends, we will be better equipped to handle this springs demands.

Retail Hours

Open By Appointment Only during Winter Months

Bad weather? Please call the office, 828-682-1471, if it is cold, snowy, and rainy to check our hours.  We will say on our voice mail message if we are closed. Which means we are open unless the message says different.

1126 Prices Creek Rd

Burnsville NC

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