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11th May 2019
North Asheville Tailgate Market
Carolina Native Plants at the North Asheville Tailgate Market

We have been invited to appear at plant sales and markets all over western N.C. and places even farther away. Besides the Botanical Garden At Asheville Spring and Fall plant sales, we have always declined. It was not part of our strategic plan. However, when our former nursery manager, Emily Driskill, decided to join her partner in business and wanted to make plant sales part of that, we were thrilled. They wanted to represent Carolina Native at these markets and plant sales.  She knows her plants, was a great part of our team for years, and most of all our mission is to get as many native plants in the ground as possible. She has been very successful at it too. Please plan on a visit soon!

Hours at the tailgate: 8:00 to Noon

Date for Emily and Carolina Native

Saturday May 11th

Saturday June 8th

Saturday July 6th

Saturday August 10th

More Information: North Asheville Tailgate Market

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