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19th Sep


Check this article out. We have permission from the Azalea Society of American and the author. Thanks to both! Charlie Andrews Pruning Article

17th Sep


We are at it again. Please take a moment to read the latest edition of Native Tongue September Native Tongue

4th Sep


Native azaleas, Fall Sale, and what we are up to! September Newsletter

8th Aug


The latest addition to our column in Nursery Management. Native Tongue

30th Jul


Please take a moment and reads July’s Newsletter. July Newsletter

17th May


The latest “Native Tongue” article in Nursery Management. “Steeped in History”

31st Mar


Keep abreast of what’s happening at Carolina Native. Sign up to receive it free, remember that we do not share your email address, never. March/Spring 2019 Newsletter

24th Mar


It’s not ‘The Landscape of Eden’ Departments – Native tongue Choose to grow and sell plants that make the garden truly alive. SUBSCRIBE March 7, 2019 Bill Jones Photos by Shelby Jackson No one writes poems and verses about ...

17th Feb


Lots of news as we make it through another winter. Plus trade show updates, azalea seedlings, and more. Link to February 2019 Newsletter

3rd Nov


The scientific evidence keeps piling up. Gardeners that really want birds, not to mention butterflies and pollinators, need to have a majority of native plants to achieve this. Biodiversity for Birds